Instant brush-on brow extensions
Sets in just 60 seconds
Perfect for shaping, adding the look of thickness, adding the look of length, filling in gaps and sculpting
Easy to use - can be applied independently
Lasts for up to 120 applications
Gold-tone branded tweezers
Take the Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer wand from the bottle and start to brush the applicator over your eyebrow from the start of your brow (close to the bridge of your nose) out to the end of your brow. When you are applying to the thinner part of the brow turn the applicator so you are just using the tip for a finer line. If you have gaps in your brows you may want to reapply in this area for extra coverage and fullness. Use warm water on the brow. Upon removal, no traces of the fibre brow will be visible.

Silk Instant Fibre Brow Extensions Kit - Dark

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