The perfect match to our On the Go food pouches are these Colour Change Food Pouch Spoons. Simply screw on to our food pouches or any major brand food pouch from the supermarkets, and feed baby instantly on the spot. The colour change BPA Free plastic design ensures you are immediately aware when the food is too hot for the baby.

Fits all major brand baby food pouches available from the supermarket
Spoon changes colour (to clear) when the baby's food is too hot
BPA Free
The handy two pack is a portable and reusable essential utensil for feeding your little one. Screw the spoon on to any baby food pouch, squeeze the pouch and baby food will dispense on the spoon. No mess, no fuss, it can be used anywhere, anytime!
Storage, Cleaning and Compatibility:
Simply wash in warm soapy water and rinse
Place it on the top tray of your electric steam steriliser or in a microwave steriliser to sterilise

Cherub Baby Colour Change Food Pouch Spoons 2 pack

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