1x Anti Residue Shampoo 110ml

1x Brazilian ECO Keratin treatment 110ml

1x Deep Conditioning Mask 110ml

Brasil CACAU's exclusive formula combines rich natural raw material and incorporates the latest BRAZILIAN KERATIN technology. Brazil CACAU reinforces the internal structure, improves the condition of the hair SMOOTHING THE CUTICLE & ELIMINATING GRIZZ while providing external protection.  

How this works:    The smoothing results are obtained by following 3 important application steps.   

Anti Residue Shampoo. With a ph 9 (alkaline) this opens the hair shaft to Brazil Keratin Reconstruction ph 2.8 (acidic) will be effective.
A combination of heat from the hair dryer and the thermal keratin iron activate the key ingredients, which are infused into the cuticle.
The Deep Conditioning Mask, with its ph 4.5, finally equilibrates the hairs ph values. The hair is transformed into straight, smooth, frizz free and EXTREMELY shiny.

Brasil Cacau Kit 110ML

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