Berrywell Eyelash Tint Brown is formulated to create luscious eyelashes safely and effectively. Each and every .5 oz tube is sufficient for 50+ applications. The Berrywell Brown Cream Tint is among the most popular Berrywell shades for a very good reason! This gorgeous brown tint is, and remains, the classic for eyelash colouring, as applying a shade of brown to natural eyelash colour also adds edge to creating a sultry look for the eyes. It works evenly since every single single hair get comprehensive coverage – regardless of the all-natural hair colour.

BERRYWELL® is no. 1 for customers with black, coloured hair this lets the eyelashes be swiftly and very easily adjusted.
Made in Germany
All-natural eyelash tint

Berrywell eyelash eyebrow tint No 3- Brown

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